"Many people question the necessity of a professional makeup artist when they are being photographed...."there is Photoshop, who needs makeup!?" I have worked as a professional photographer for over 13 years and I can say there is absolutely no doubt that professional makeup application makes a difference in creating a more authentic and less processed overall look. I can remove blemishes and soften lines in Photoshop, but there is simply no better start to a photo shoot than properly applied makeup. Kelly's experience shows; she is an expert in her field and needless to say, when I have a client choose her to have professional makeup applied, I am thrilled. Because I know that not only will my job be easier, but i also know that my client will exude an extra bit of confidence which is by and far the most beautiful thing to photograph."


"As a professional wedding photographer working with other professionals that provide excellent services to my clients is the best thing ever! Kelly is amazing at making clients feel and look their best! She really knows how to work with my client's style, so whether they normally wear a lot or a little bit of makeup she is making them look and feel so pretty!  All of my clients that have worked with Kelly over the years have been extremely happy. I personally have had the treat of working with her for a photo session of my family and I was so happy. I always recommend her to my clients for both wedding and engagement sessions. Professional makeup really makes a big difference in photographs and it's worth every penny to look great all day!"


"Kelly was absolutely wonderful to work with!! She was so nice and enthusiastic about what she does, and I was very excited to have her as my make-up artist. We communicated for several months leading up to my wedding, and she responded quickly each time. The make-up trial was relaxed and fun, and I felt confident leading up to the big day. Kelly applied make-up for me and 7 of my Bridesmaids. They all looked gorgeous, and were very happy with the job that Kelly did. My make-up was one of the things I was most excited about, and Kelly did an amazing job! It lasted all day/night, and my eye make-up was especially striking. I would recommend Kelly to any Bride, she was fabulous!"

The Knot Kelly Clark Makeup Artist